A place for everyone


One of the key features of a Gamuda Land project is a distinctive, strategic master plan that provides residents the ideal home within a wholesome environment. Parks, lakes as well as resident-exclusive facilities such as resort clubhouses and championship golf courses are just some of the standard features in Gamuda Land’s many award-winning townships. This attention to the big picture and small details is why the quality of life in every Gamuda Land project is head and shoulders above the rest. It is also why every proud Gamuda Land property owner enjoys an average capital appreciation of 20-40 percent on their investment. Well-managed for lease and sale in the secondary market, Gamuda Land properties are an investor’s dream, whether for staying, renting or investing.

Gamuda City is well-designed based on a firm commitment to its Design Philosophy including

Design Quality

Gamuda Land is renowned for creating townships bearing strong and unique concepts that offer high quality lifestyle. Our award-winning developments are designed with unique signature features, from thematic parks and lakes to full facilities residents’ clubhouse and private golf course. 

Community & Amenities

Recreational facilities and leisure amenities are provided to encourage community sharing and wellness. They are incorporated to invite residents to enjoy the outdoors. These facilities offer the ideal balance between the needs of the individual, the family and the community.

Healthy Lifestyle

Tremendous value is placed on nurturing a healthy and active lifestyle. Our developments are designed and built to ensure personal wellness is attainable by residents and the community at large, allowing everyone to enjoy the highest quality of life.

Safety & Security

Safety and security is well taken care of to ensure the community’s peace of mind. Safety features include underground facilities, well-organized roads, pedestrian-safe walkways and cul-de-sac neighborhood.
Gamuda Land continues to deliver on its commitment to provide innovative, quality developments that enrich life in Malaysia and beyond.