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Gamuda Residents' Corner

1. When will the school be available for children of Gamuda Gardens?

Singapore International Super School @ Gamuda Garden plans to start first enrolment for school year of 2015 - 2016.

2.  When will retail shops start to build?

The THREE Central which includes 15 vibrant retail shops located right at the entrance of Gamuda Gardens township has been completed. The THREE Central is for lease with attractive package - free 12 month rental fee.  It is scheduled to be fully operational by Mid-November 2014.

3. Why aren’t there any cameras at the corner of the township?

Gamuda is looking into this matter.

4. Who will be responsible for the loss of assets like cars and motorbike parking in front of the residents’ houses.

Garage is designed for  all houses, owner need to park car inside the house. Car should not park outside which will affec the public traffic. However car could be parked outside for short period at the owner risk. Security Guards shall make frequent patrolling to ensure minimized risk to the whole  township and ensure the securities of common properties.

5. Is there any other providers’ telecommunication other than Viettel?

The Viettel telecommunication supplier can provide cable services to Gamuda Gardens such as telephone, internet, cable television. However,  Residents still can use wireless service provider such as K+, VCT, AnVien television etc.

6. Customers have to pay interest for the late payment. Thus, will Gamuda have to pay interest to customers for the long duration of defect rectification (more than 30 days)?

Gamuda is looking into this matter.

7. Can we change the color of the façade since houses with white color easily get dirty?

 Gamuda Gardens has been designed beautifully with consistent color themes for individual areas. To maintain the architectural and aesthetic beauty of the whole Township, Residents shall not be allowed to change the external façade color.

8. Trees in the public areas are too small to shade the streets. Thus, will Gamuda take any action for this problem?

Trees types selected have fast growing character, thus those trees shall grow fast, giving shade to the public area in a optimum time.

9. Can residents expand the living areas (like lessening space of the garden&  widening that of living)?

Gamuda Gardens’s detailed design was  approved by competent authority, no change of house design, house’s use land are allowed. Thus, township management committee shall not allow any and house renovation relating to extension or change of design except that the owner get approval from competent authority and  submit to Township Management Committee for supervision and management.

10.  Can house owner get the as-built drawings in Auto-CAD file?

Auto-Cad drawings are not allowed to issue as it is the copy right of Gamuda Land Vietnam. However, the PDF version is sufficient for consultant to carry out the design for renovation

11. Gate & Fencing are too low to ensure the inside security. Does Gamuda give permission for house owners to make the fencing higher? Otherwise, in case there is loss of car/motorbike, will Gamuda be responsible for that loss?

Gamuda Gardens’s detailed design have been developed by state-of-the art Malaysian Designers, creating very modern society with average fencing height to expose the architectural beauty of houses. Thus, maintaining the original height of the fencing is one of the factor creating the architectural and aesthetic beauty of individual houses as well as the whole township. Our Security force have been trained to apply very strict security procedures and patrolling to minimize risk to the township and create a peaceful environment  to the residents, also ensure the security of the township common properties. However, residents are encouraged to apply all surveillance security method for his own comfort such as CCTV.

With all those above, raising height of fencing shall not be allowed to maintain the architecture and aesthetics of the whole Gamuda Gardens Township.

12.  How does Gamuda penalize the house owner breaking rules for residential renovation?

All violations shall be warned in writing by the Township management, continuous violation shall be stopped renovation and in serious case competent authority shall engage until remedy is made.

13. When will the bus service be available for residents like other township eg. Ecopark?

Gamuda currently has not planned for similar shuttle buses, however, we shall work with competent authority to set up bus stop at the entrance of our township.

14. Which criteria does Gamuda apply for assessing security quality? What will Gamuda do when customers are unsatisfied with the security?

The criteria set for  security force at Gamuda Gardens township is premium service quality, for which they have been training and showing  improvement under the strict guidance of Gamuda Gardens township’s management committee.

15.  How often does TMD have meeting with residents?

The first General Meeting of Residents shall be held when sufficient houses occupied. After which the General Meeting shall be held on annual basis.

16. Why doesn’t Gamuda allow customers to change color in painting façade like changing in color of doors?

Similar answer as question 11.

17.  Is there any construction benchmark for customers to install a new roof above garage or open a new way leading to car porch (like requirement for the height, design, material & color)

The carporch is not design for bearing additional load except for maintenance purpose.

18. In house design, there is a place for Outdoor unit for Air-condition at the back, why does Gamuda still allow to put that unit in front of the house making house look not nice.

Outdoor Air-con Compressors belong to loose items, for which Gamuda does not have strict regulation on loose items of the house.

19. Why does Gamuda allow opening offices in township?

Gamuda is looking into this matter.